Church History / Doctrinal Beliefs

First Baptist Church through the Years

According to the only known newspaper in Grand Junction, the "Quid-Nunc", which was copy dated June 25, 1858, a politician spoke in Grand Junction near a half-finished church building. It was a large one room brick building with a tall steeple, and it faced toward the south, this was the First Baptist Church. Further documentation shows that during the Civil War the Union Army took possession of the church as a storage facility. Other sources relate the church was also used as a hospital. The use and occupation greatly damaged the building, and later it was torn down and the materials secured from its demolition were used by the military. After the turn of the century the church received a payment from the government to cover the costs of damages to the property.

During the early days, the church belonged to the Big Hatchie Association. In 1899, it was changed to the Memphis Association and in 1905, it became the Little Hatchie Association. In 1925, the church voted to withdraw from the Little Hatchie Association and help form the Hardeman Association where it remains to this day.

The cornerstone of the church was laid in 1878. In 1910, additions were made to the building which moved the pulpit from the north to the west side of the sanctuary. An extension was added to the east and to the west sides of the sanctuary. A podium with a baptistery directly behind it was installed. The large glass windows were replaced with stained glass windows at this time as well. In 1940, a two story annex was completed joining the church to north. In 1945, a basement was completed under the annex. In 1959, a second addition was added to the church to include a fellowship hall, nursery, and kitchen. Subsequent enhancements have been added since including new carpeting, chandeliers, painting and new stained - glass windows. In 2001, an addition to the facility resulted in the renovation of the kitchen, fellowship hall, nursery and youth ministries areas.

Doctrinal Beliefs

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